Acupuncture to treat patients with Long Haul Covid-19 symptoms

At a time when there is an increasing number of people experiencing debilitating lingering symptoms after having had Covid or Covid symptoms, acupuncture can help with recovery.

Patients still struggling with fatigue, respiratory symptoms of breathlessness, tightness of the chest, muscle aches and other neurological signs such as headaches, brain fog etc. have been diagnosed with what is being call “Long Haul Covid”.

I have been heartened to see the changes patients have experienced when starting acupuncture in most cases with immediate improvement.

Many of these people contracted what they think was Covid-19 earlier in the year, when it was not yet possible to get tested and receive confirmation that they in fact had contracted Covid-19. As we know, the anti-body tests have also been found to not be that reliable, with patients having had all the typical symptoms yet showing negative to anti-body testing.

In Eastern Medicine (the broader term used for all styles of acupuncture) we don’t just treat symptoms but use our differential diagnoses including tongue, abdominal and pulse diagnosis and assessment of the meridians to tailor an individual treatment to support the body to bring itself back to health. Many of these Covid symptoms relate to the Lung meridian, as this is predominantly a respiratory related virus. However, other symptoms such as muscle aches and in particular brain fog, nausea, etc relate more to the Spleen & Stomach meridians and can be indications of lingering pathogens in the body such as dampness. In one case, soon after treatment, the patient experienced enormous amounts of mucus coming out for the first time, leading to a massive clearing out and easing of all her symptoms for the first time in months.

Needless to say, these uncertain times and the constant talk about the virus each time we read the news unsurprisingly creates anxiety and even depression, as our daily activities are curtailed and planning ahead becomes increasingly difficult. Acupuncture calms the nervous system, helping us to quieten the stress hormones of flight and fright and to turn on the parasympathetic nervous system. Many of the points on the chest and upper back that help with breathing also have a very calming effect.

As with any chronic condition, it is important to support the system with good quality rest and relaxation; healthy nutritious eating and if possible, gentle exercise.

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