Patient Testimonials

Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones, so the minstrel song goes that teaches us how they’re connected, one to the other. Nobody understands these connections of bone, muscle, nerves better than Alan Rivenson, Master of Acupuncture and born healer.

If the thought of having needles stuck around your body makes you squeamish, not to worry. When you visit with Alan, his skilled hands and incredible knowledge of the human body direct the tiny pins in such a way that each is less than a mosquito bite. Plus, his impish sense of humor makes each treatment fun. Yes, fun, as you drift off to sleep and awaken refreshed.

I’d tried several practitioners of this ancient, mysterious healing method before Alan and wife, Michele, came to town. Their needles hurt. We parted company.

I could hardly navigate when I visited Alan’s office following a total hip replacement, followed by a revision of that procedure nine days later. Applying his skill, Alan reduced the swelling, tightness, and pain around the incision so that the wound immediately felt like a part of my body rather than an angry porcupine that had been sewn into my upper leg.

When you have a pain in your whatever, the pain may actually have its source far removed. You probably wouldn’t know that. But Alan knows. Trust me!

Bettie Snyder, Sharon CT.

Lucky me! I found a great acupuncturist, Alan Rivenson.

Alan is kind, gentle, honest, and caring. I have been living with chronic pain for 20 years caused by osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia and Alan has helped immensely in relieving much of my pain. The osteoarthritis has eaten at my bones, and I underwent double knee replacement three years ago. Now it’s my right shoulder that is bone on bone and limits movement of that arm and is often very painful. My doctor encourages me to undergo shoulder replacement, which I do not want. Fortunately, Alan is able to lessen the pain and increase movement of my arm.

I also suffer from degenerative disc disease. An attack of extreme back pain put me in the hospital four years ago and left me with peripheral neuropathy (nerve pain and numbness in my feet). Shortly after beginning treatment with Alan in September 2010, the nerve pain and numbness in my feet lessened dramatically, and I discontinued the Gabapentin that was prescribed. The first acupuncture session with Alan was more effective than the Gabapentin, which has many bad side effects.

Over the years I have been in the care of rheumatologists, a neurologist, an occupational therapist, physical therapists, a chiropractor, back specialists, and my internist. I have been prescribed a dozen different medications. None of them worked and some made me feel worse. Acupuncture with Alan gives me the most relief and I am so pleased with the results, which are far more than I ever expected that I constantly refer others to him.
Satisfied Patient