Acupuncture Fees and Insurance


Would you like to know if your insurance plan covers acupuncture? We can help. Contact our office and we’ll be happy to find out if your plan includes acupuncture benefits.  If it does, we will also find out if there are any restrictions, exclusions and/or limitations in your policy regarding your acupuncture coverage We currently bill Out-of-Network for all health insurance..

For those patients without acupuncture coverage, we want you to experience the benefits of healing through acupuncture and, therefore, keep our fees as low as possible. We offer private room treatments in a professional health care setting. Your first visit is $90.00 which includes a complete health assessment and treatment. Each subsequent visit is $75.00. This clinic is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10am to 5pm. Call or contact us for an appointment at 413-644-6608.

Our goal is to provide value to those who value their health.